Please be sure to read this section thoroughly. 

  • DO NOT send me the last of your material(s) as I will not be returning the unused portion (with the exception of ashes).
  • A bubble or padded mailer works best for all materials. 
  • Please bag each material separately and clearly write your name on each bag
  • If you are sending me breastmilk: I need approximately 2.5 to 5mls. Please package your breastmilk as follows: place the sample in a proper breastmilk storage bag, seal it and place it into another breastmilk storage bag. Place the second bag inside another zipper closure bag (it's seems excessive but it's a sure fire way to prevent leaks while in transit to us). PLEASE REMEMBER TO WRITE YOUR NAME ON EACH BAG
  • If you are sending me ashes: I need approximately 1 teaspoon (if you do not have that much to send, I can work with whatever amount you can send)
  • If you are sending me clothing or other material: I need approximately a 1 inch by 1 inch piece
  • If you are sending me dried flowers: I need approximately a few petals
  • If you are sending me hair: I need about two inches long and as thick a piece as you have. If you don't have an inch long piece, I can work with whatever you have. It's best to send a bit extra, in the event that your keepsake has to be remade.
  • If you have to fill out customs paperwork for your package, please indicate that you are shipping jewelry making materials and if asked for a value, $10.

Our mailing address is:

Amanda Botelho/ Made by Mama

108 Mechanic Street

Drumbo, Ontario, N0J 1G0