• Have you received my milk?

 I try to notify most customers when I receive their milk. During busier times I may not have time  to notify you but if you send me an email inquiring about your milk I will get back to you.

 Inquiries can be sent to: Amanda@MadebyMamaStudio.com

  • When will my order be ready?

Processing time varies depending on how busy we are but I do my best to keep the website up to date with current processing time lines. Generally I am shipping items back within 10 weeks of receiving materials. If you would like to place an order and need it faster please send me an email and we can arrange that for an additional fee.

  • How long does shipping take?

It's impossible to know how long shipping will take as there are many factors at work. I ship via Canada Post and,generally, mail within Canada can take 7-10 business days and mail anywhere else 15-20 business days. There are many things that can delay mail but if you have not received your item 6 weeks after it has been shipped please contact us.

  • How should I care for my keepsake?

Please treat your keepsake like a delicate piece of jewelry. If you will be wearing it frequently you will need to polish and clean it more often. All jewelry should be kept away from chemicals, cleaners, hair products and lotions. It's fine to wear your piece while washing you hands but I recommend removing it to shower and swim. 

Sterling silver is made up of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of other metals that form an alloy.  Some of those other metals, primarily copper, can cause sterling silver to tarnish over time when they interact with moisture that's in the air.You should place sterling silver jewelry into a cool and dark part of your home when you aren't wearing it. It should be far away from sunlight, moisture, and heat. You should also consider placing each piece of sterling silver jewelry into its own plastic bag and removing air from the bag. This will prevent it from coming into contact with contaminants that could cause it to tarnish.

  • What will you do with my leftover material(s)?

Leftover materials will NOT be returned unless you have sent us ashes. I will freeze leftover milk and keep any other materials in case you would like to have another piece made in the future.

  • Can I add to my order after it has been placed?

Yes it is possible to add to your order once it has been placed; if you would like to do so please email me and I will walk you through the process. If you would like to change your order please email me.

  • How do I know you will use my own milk for my keepsake?

I started this business out of my passion for breastfeeding and as a way to help other mother's commemorate their breastfeeding journeys. I only work on one piece of jewelry at a time to ensure that there is only one mother's milk being handled at a time. I can assure you that I take this work very seriously and would never use anyone else's materials for your keepsake.

  • Do you offer refunds?

Because each order is made special for each customer and contains materials that are specific to the person I cannot resell items therefore I do not offer refunds. If you are not satisfied with your keepsake please reach out to me and I will do my very best to rectify the situation.

  •  Where do I send my items?

Amanda Botelho/ Made by Mama

108 Mechanic Street

Drumbo, Ontario, N0J 1G0