About Us

Thank you for visiting Made by Mama. We are a Canadian jewelry company specializing in working with DNA. Our goal is to preserve your journey through motherhood with breastmilk, your child's hair, placenta, or any other dried material you wish to use. We have worked with: ashes (human and pet), hair (human and pet), sand, seashells, dried flowers, dried umbilical cord, dried placenta, bits of clothing/material, and bits of baby's hospital bracelet.

Each mother's journey with her child is unique and so each piece  will be just as unique. We offer a variety of necklace chains, pendants and rings which can be customized with pigment(s) and/or flakes(s) for a beautiful result.

If you would like to have a breastmilk keepsake made but aren't sure you have enough milk left I can work with whatever you can spare. I can use milk that's spoiled, been left out too long, been in the freezer forever, fresh milk, discoloured milk and donor milk. Your milk doesn't need to be kept cool while in transit to me because I will be preserving it. If the material, you are wanting a keepsake made from, is dry or can be dried than we can work with it! 

As for myself, my name is Amanda and I am a mother of three young children (1, 3 & 6 years old) and started this small business out of my love for preserving memories and breastfeeding. I live in a small rural down in Ontario, Canada. 

It is truly a beautiful thing to be able to give people a piece of jewelry that remind them of someone or something special! I started this business out of my love for all things breastfeeding and preserving memories. I am honored that I've been able to meet such wonderful people through this venture and want to thank each and every one of you for your love & support!

Please note that every piece of hand made jewelry is unique. Each piece is made with great attention to detail and care but slight variations such as small air bubbles and molding lines and seams can occur.